Corset waist trainer made specific to Adam (Bo) Bonilla's requirements after years and years of using squeems and other waist trainers that simply didn't get tight enough. This corset waist trainer is adjustable in size by many inches unlike other waist trainers that get loose over time defeating the purpose of wearing them. It's small enough to sit specifically in the area that needs cinching above the iliac crest (hip bone) and below the ribs for ultimate tightness on the waist without any bones holding the cinching back.


These waist trainers are specific for competiors of the bodybuilding community but can also be used for non-competiors too. 


If you want to know more information about HOW the waist trainers work please waist these 2 videos before purchasing 


Adam (Bo) Bonilla's Waist Trainer Youtube video explained


Phoebe Hagan's Waist Trainer Youtube Video

Team Elite Physique Waist Trainers

  • Any item bought CANNOT be refunded unless damaged by fault of manufacture.


  • Measure the smallest part of your waist in inches & follow the guidelines below..

    XXS: 24 inches or less 

    XS: 27 inches or less

    S: 29 inches or less