Again Adam Bonilla known as the “Waist Wizard” changes the waist training game. With his newest creation being a Waisted SweatR using a Thermo Neoprene lining much different than your normal neoprene waist trimmers this is designed to get you sweating, keep heat climbing and raise the body temperature of the local area.


He coupled the Thermo Neoprene with a waist trainer creating a waist trainer tight enough to give a little squeeze and help the waistline shrink by adding a zip within the Sweat Belt to keep your core extra tight during cardio 

Team Elite Physique Sweat Belts

  • Any item bought CANNOT be refunded unless damaged by fault of manufacture.


  • Measure the smallest part of your waist in inches & follow the guidelines below..

    XXS: 20 inches or less 

    XS: 22-24 inches 

    S: 24+ inches