This posing assessment is a way of getting feedback on your posing & tips on what you need to improve. This is for people that already know the basis of posing & want help staying accountable with the small details 


This assessment will include..

- A video reply of your overall performance of posing that you send

- Feedback from Phoebe Hagan going through your posing

- Tips on what you need to work on moving forward 


Posing Video must include..

- Full head to toe shot of you posing 

- Video must be clear so I can see poses & transitions 

- You must be wearing something where I can see your body clearly (i.e. bikini, shorts or sports bra)


DISCLAIMER: this is not recommended for people that are beginners/have never posed before. If you are interested in learning to pose, I do online posing sessions & UK based in person posing sessions. (email for more information) 


Once you purchase, please wait at least 1-2 days to receive a link which you will then upload your posing routine (video only NO pictures) of all your poses for your federation of choice. Follow instructions that are sent in the email 


This Assessment can also be used for Wellness posing too


Federation posing that I can cover..

- NPC/IFBB/2 Bro's 

- PCA 

- Pure Elite/Miami Pro



& more (if I have not listed your fediration, please email beforehand to check I can help)

Bikini Posing Assessment

  • *You may send multiple videos but no more than 3 videos & only 2GB worth. On stage videos are accepted but they MUST be clear 

    *The feedback video length depends on the feedback I give you. It could be something simple needing to change or something more in depth so please bare this in mind 

    *Refunds do not apply for this service