60 Minute Online Posing Packages 
Buy in bulk & save money! Normal price for 1x 60 minute online session = £60
Bronze Package Includes..
3x 60 minute sessions
Saving 5% buying in bulk
Silver Package Includes..
5x 60 minute sessions
Saving 10% buying in bulk 
Gold Package Includes..
10x 60 minute sessions
Saving 12% buying in bulk (£72 OFF NORMAL PRICE)

60 Minute Online Posing Packages

  • *ALL packages must be used within 6 months from purchasing. They will expire after this time period is over. Gold Packages expire after 12 months 

    *You are responsible for scheduling ALL sessions. You will receive an email 3-4 days after purchase so please use an active email address to schedule your sessions 

    *International buyers please bare in mind the time difference between you & Phoebe. She is based in the Untied Kingdom