Phoebe Hagan has a huge passion for health & fitness, it has always been a big part of her life. She has created this online service for people that want more guidance and knowledge about living a more balanced lifestyle and getting the results they want with there body. She does this through showing them different methods of training, nutrition plans & changing your mindset that best suits there body.


Phoebe is a big fan of mindset and thinks that it is a large part of getting the body you want. She believes that the body isn't the only one that needs to be worked on so wants to help others change their mindset and to promote a lifestyle that you can remain happy and healthy with for a very long time.

As well as loving health & fitness, Phoebe also has a HUGE passion for bodybuilding with a track record of competing in over 28 shows in 4 years. She has earnt her IFBB Pro Card in 2018 & is the UK's youngest bikini athlete to do so. With her's knowledge of bodybuilding Phoebe also takes on clients that are looking to get into the sport and guide them into their show through online coaching & teaching them posing (scroll down to find out more!).


What I offer throughout my online services is guidance and support towards your fitness related goals. I take on people from all different lifestyles and design a programmes to fit what your outcome goal is.

who do I coach?

I cater for different types of fitness goals including..

Bodybuilding Bikini Competitors

Fat Loss Programmes

Muscle Gain Programmes 

Strength Gain Programmes

Lifestyle Programmes 

All tailor made to your own personal lifestyle 

what's included?

Customised Nutrition Plans

Each nutrition plan will be calculated to your body & fitness goals (please bare in mind that when it comes to nutrition it is trial & error, one method that fits one person may not fit another).

Training Programme 

Your training will be based on what your goals are & individualised to you wether that's Fat loss, Muscle Building or Strength training we can cater for it.

Weekly Check ins 

Each week you will be asked to check in to see how your progress is doing and alterations will be made if needed for the following week. You will need to answer a series of questions, send over pictures & provide as much information about how you've done on your plan so we can make the correct adjustments. 

is this for you?

Online coaching does take time and effort but the effort you put in, you will get the results you want to see. The plans I put you on will be based around your lifestyle & a healthy way of living (there is no drastic diet or training). For online coaching to really work as a client need to ask yourself are you willing to work for the results? If so, then scroll down & send me an email for your free information pack.


in person


I am based in U.K in Brighton but travel alot to places like London, Birmingham, Manchester to teach 1-2-1 classes, small groups & big posing seminars.

Posing online is just as good as posing in person. It is done via Skype or FaceTime.

As a bikini athlete presentation is very important. I offer posing classes that will show you how you need to pose on stage & present your body to it's fullest potential.  I teach all federations (IFBB Pro League, NPC, PCA, UKBFF, Pure Elite etc)
 I hold classes & seminars all over the U.K so if you are interested in finding out my availability please click enquire now.


If you are interested in joining the team or just want to find out more i.e pricing & more information, please email me at info@phtrainingonline.com or leave your details down and I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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